WordPress.com Vs WordPress .org – Which is the difference between them?

In this post, We will share wordpress.com and wordpress.org. what is the difference between them?

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different platforms. Two different things. Two different versions are the same founder but their functionalities and features are fully different. WordPress is the best content management system platform in the world. WordPress powers 34% of the internet all over the world.

About WordPress.com

WordPress.com is the Free platform site when you using your site, not for money-making from your website. It is a free version. But some premium features available to extend your site space.

WordPress beginners some mistakes on the First step. They are using the free version of WordPress.com. As a result, they are facing lots of limitation features and fully not control their site.

But some times it is the best when, You are a personal blogger, not to care about making money from your website, then go with the free wordpress.com site.

About WordPress.org

WordPress.org This site is a self-hosted WordPress site. You have to full control of your website. Open-source and 100% free to use this site. You need is a Domain name and web hosting service from Hosting companies.

A domain name is a specific name or your company example.com name.When people search on google for your site address.

When you domain name purchase then you will need to hosting service purchase from hosting companies among your budget.

Some best hosting services providers are known as Bluehost.com, Siteground.com, etc. You have to pay web hosting monthly.

Wordpres.org site you can access full control of your website. Your site anything you want to do and easily customize your site.

All the WordPress free and paid plugins you also integration and Many Premium and free themes integration in your site smoothly.

We will be given distinguished between them

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

1.Limited Theme support in              1.Full theme support in wordpress.org.
                                          wordpress.com page.             
2. You cannot create a membership site. 2. You can easily create multiple site. 
3. An online store you don,t create            3.You can easily create a complete
 WordPress.com site.                                           E-commerce store.
4. You can access limited SEO control in   4. Available all SEO features you  
 wordpress.com site.                                           can install.
5. This site is limited to Monetization.     5. You can easily Monitize
                                                                                 your website. 
6. It is a free version of wordpress.com.    6. It is a paid version of 
                                                                             wordpress.org site.

WordPress .com You can free hosting sites to create and co-founder of WordPress, Mullenweg.Same founder of WordPress. Users are so confused beginners.

To extend your hosting plan.Here some information about hosting plan:-

Free-very limit your site.

personal-$36 per year

premium-$99 per year

Business-$299 per year.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org we are given pros and cons:–


WordPress.com site is best for hobby bloggers and those who start a blog for their family.

1. It’s free up to 3GB storage space. you can easy to access your blog site. You want more space for your site then using any paid plan.

2. Personal plan $36 /year includes with 6GB, Premium plan $99/year gives you 13GB storage. You want more features then use g business plan .It is the grate plan $299 for unlimited storage. And you don,t worry about that this plan included with unlimited updates and backups.


i. Your free site they place ads show on your website. Your visitors can easily see ads show on your website. but you don,t make money generate on your site.

ii. You cannot upload plugin in the Free plan. But Jet pack features pre-activated on your free site.

iii. Custom themes are not to upload on the free version of theme. Free plan users, You can install free themes only .its limited. But Premium and business plan users can also select premium themes.

iv. You cannot build new membership websites with wordpress.com.

v. E-commerce features, it does not allow in wordpress.com site or payment getway are not allow this site.



i. Easy to use the wordpress.org site.

ii. You can easy to access Free, paid and custom WordPress themes to your website.

iii. Easy to create a self-hosted WordPress site and you want to create an online store to sell a digital and physical product.

iv. Place ads showing on your website visitors and you get money to make from ads of this site.


We hope is that you found this article is more helpful in understanding the differences between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. We hope all the best for your website. We recommendation its the best when you creating your website wordpress.org platform.

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